You'd think ShopRite, any, although this is about Little Falls, would want to keep their customers.Then, why are so very many of their employees downright nasty and discriminating, at least at this particular location.

They're always backed up by another employee and even the corporate offices don't seem to care. I've seen many businesses over the years go under, simply because they didn't think enough of the very people who pay their salaries.

Not sure if they just look to hire someone with a low "IQ" in order to pay them minimum wage, or if this is what is considered acceptable behavior.This location deserves an "F" for failure to appreciate people of the community and for not being able to tell the truth......well, at least during my visits and in my opinion.


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Oh my god, you are all correct about the employees that work in Shoprite.They all seem to have a puss on their faces and there are few and far between at the Shoprite in Staten Island (Richmond Ave.) that are actually helpful, and, those are the ones that have been there for a very long time, and probably will be retiring soon.

Mostly in the Deli Dept. you can wait on line forever because they are too busy chatting with one another about their problems than caring about what a customer is order.

Pretty Pathetic!!!!I say if you don't want to work there, try and find a job somewhere else.

Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, United States #1269697

I work at ShopRite and most of us are nasty because ShopRite doesn't care about their employees they abuse us and they take their employees for granted they force us to work when we are violently ill and on top of that we have to pretend like we care about serving nasty customers that treat us like garbage because you think we have a low IQ we take tons of abuse but customers only care about their needs getting fulfilled while they treat employees like peasants


Shoprite managers are disrespect ful.now they try to control your personal life like your hair color or style.as long as it is neat what the problem .peopple come in uniform dirty.all type of piercing . people playing in their hair .what!!!!!


Most customers treat us like ***.No hello, mostly just throwing a phone number at me because you forgot your Shop Rite card in the car...

or the first thing you say is paper and plastic then you stare at the screen (god forbid 49 cents doesn't come off a product while you have a 5$ Starbucks coffee in your hand) while we bag your entire order. Being paid minimum wage, barely given hours, then dealing with the customer's BS causes cashiers to be "rude". Its not in my nature to be a rude person, and I personally think I'm a great cashier. But when I say hello with a smile, and you are on your phone or say NINE SEVEN THREE its SO RUDE.

Im a female too, so I deal with creepy men that wink too.We go through so much so don't complain if we are "RUDE".



Your posts only criticize people's grammar and writing skills.Maybe you should move to China and teach English.

It would be a win-win.



Education and IQ are not the same, but you knew that right since your level of comprehension clearly addressed the point this person was trying to make.....


If they hire people with low IQ you should apply there, it is the only kind of job you can get. With your spelling and grammar you obviously have low IQ.


During my visit at Shoprite in East Hartford, CT this morning the cashier was focusing not on her customers but a fellow worker who went through her line. Then something rang up incorrectly on the gentlemen in front of us and she sent another worker to go and check when the worker came back and said it was the wrong item or didn't include that item she didn't get anyone from frozen foods or a manager and didn't even offer. Basically it was a too bad attitude.

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1000719

The thing is if the "gentleman" should have bought a parent shopping with him.I would not call a child that is three a gentleman, they are still little boys.

If he were old enough to be called a gentleman he would know how to read the sign and would have had the correct item at the checkout in the first place. Don't blame the store for his inability to read.

You also must be three years old to consider him a gentleman when he was obviously a three year old child.The cashier's job is not to check on prices, it is the person working in that department, ask your parents how things work before commenting so you are more aware of things.



I just bought.(My son bought).

Meatloaf mix.

This wasn't meat.

It took 20+ minutes to cook.Its NOT beef.

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