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My first experience with Shop Rite home delivery will be my last. I placed an order which was supposed to be delivered between 5-7 PM., well the store called me with some story about a fire in a customers home and the truck was delayed by the fire trucks and would I be understanding and allow them to come a bit beyond my scheduled time.

Of course I understood and said okay. By 9 PM the order had still not arrived. After several phone calls my food finally showed up at 9:30. and only to find out half of my items were out of stock and the real reason I got my order so late was that they simply forgot to pick the order.

The whole experience was a nightmare. For years I got home delivery when I lived on Long Island NY from Stop and Shop's Pea Pod. I must say it was wonderful. The service was excellent and the food was always perfect.

Shop Rite can not compare in the least and I would avoid the whole store at this point if I were you. A store that lies and is so unprofessional does not deserve to be patronized by anyone.

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I work at shop from home not every shoprite is the same we take our orders seriously I male sure everything is neat and in order it depends if you get a lazy shopper don't blame all shop from home services we do work very hard


I used the Vails Gate NY store....many items were wrong, even though they called and asked which items I preferred. The bakery products were all mashed up, the produce was not good and the poor delivery person was unaware we had stairs and nearly expired carrying the groceries in.

My husband helped him (which was the reason we had delivery service, so we didn't have to carry groceries) but he coughed and wheezed the entire time. It was very distressing to see this poor man stuggling. I don't beleive I would use them again.

Am thinking of tryong Stop and Shop's PeaPod. :sigh

to Angel Bronx, New York, United States #1192538

Yeah, I live on a 5th floor walk up and our delivery driver is always late and complains about the steps. I am in Manhattan and our building is old with no elevator. As I am getting up there in age, thus the reason I use this service.

Bronx, New York, United States #754217

sorry to hear about your experience. I live in Bronx, NY and I have been getting my home delivery since June of this year.

I use it every two weeks. The only time I had a later than usual delivery was a few days before Thanksgiving. They came an hour late, but I did get a call. When ordering you must check off that you will accept substitutes.

I sometimes end up getting name brand stuff for the price of the ShopRite brand if they are out of it. Once I ordered their brand of rye bread which is $1.99.

They were out of stock and they send me the Levy's brand which was a few dollars more and I paid the $1.99 for it. Give it a try again.

Albany, New York, United States #620045

I have used the service twice now and it saves me so much time and money. We used to like to shop at our nearest SR store, but lately we didn't have an excuse to go through that neighborhood.

For my family, I get stuff delivered 20 miles for $7 and it's still cheaper than the closest store. If they have a question about my order, they call and are very helpful. They usually deliver early - ex.

if the time was 11am to 2pm, they were here at 11:02am. I get my food for the week and save hours in travel, shopping and headache.

Montague Township, New Jersey, United States #592656

I am sorry about your dreadful experience.....home delivery started here about two months ago and it has been wonderful for me since I have health problems. I had three deliveries with very polite fellows who all refused a tip.

My major problem is with the software ....I have been trying for two days to get on line but I am constantly asked to choose my delivery store...although it plainly shows on the screen.

I called and was given a number to call which I did with no help....so I sent email. This is really upsetting for me as it is very difficult for me to get to the store.


One last comment ... Shoprite Peekskill had two regular delivery people ... They are so good to us, that I tip very well. Hey, anyone is entitled to a screwup once in a while.



to Jim Mortellaro Peekskill, New York, United States #611079

I used Peekskill shoprite for the first time knowing in months to come I would need help. All within a months time I had Dr spot.

Test upon tests. Sick. Coping w being diagnosed when Jackie in Peekskill shoprite came to my rescue. Andrew the delivery guy was great also.

Yhe were my angels and will use them once I am able to get my head together. One week ago was surgery and I got home late Friday night.

Thank you Jackie!!!! :zzz :)


Where the heck dir they get Costa Mesa? I'm from Carmel, NY


Sorry you had a poor experience. I have used Shoprite from Home for quite some time ...

I have NEVER had a problem. Never.

I have had recent surgery and before that, was shut in.

Want to know something? There ie no place which can compare or even come close. As for the actual delivery people?


May I suggest you try again? Just w suggestion.


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