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To sayreville shoprite:My name is Paul Scire i recently did a little snooping about a previous employee of yours. The individual in question is a young man from out of state who got a night job at your sayreville shopriten to make ends meet financially.

He worked two other jobs and stayed very busy. Your human resources fired him because he called out due to legal matters with ex and visiting his son. I know this young man and not gong to work is something he does not do unless things are out of his control. after speeking with several mgrs.

in your store i find that what happened pittiful on your part. He had infact told your mgrs. of the problems he was having and they admitted to knowing this and instructed him to take care of his buisness as fast as possible. He was led as i was after speeking to them that he would be okay as long as he got it done soon and he did.I no longer shop at shoprite because I feel as my family and friends do that a company that is so powerful and would due a person like that after he has told everything that was going on and led to believe it would be alright,that they do not care about what they do.

I know that my families is nothing to this company we only averaged about 500.

a week in groceries there but a whole it is substantly more.The mgrs. I spoke with talked highly of him and i new they would because i have not seen anyone around here with his work ethics in long time.I know letter will do nothing for him but at least you know you me and my family of 3 sisters 2 brothers and mother to another company.

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Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #906069

I know a recent employee that worked for ShopRite in Piscataway and was fired for one of the managers writing down the wrong hours. They recently tried to go to the shoprite to get a letter saying they were no longer an employee their and was told that they don't write letters.

The letter is essential to the person because they are trying to recieve public assistance. How does he go about getting the letter???


They are correct. If you are serving customers, cut the BS between each other and do your job. There is nothing worse than telling the deli worker what you want and then they start to BS while you are waiting.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #213198

He had a violent temper which cost him his job. He was abusive towards his wife and son which is why he is seperated from them.


The person complaining here is nothing more than a BUFFOON. He should go get a job at BUFFOON-A-RAMA.

They sound like an overweight, not to bright, lumpy necked, triple chinned lump of flesh. The probably like HHH.


After reading the complaints of some of the people who wrote about the Shop-Rite of Wall Rte 34.

You all sound like a bunch of cry-babies. Also, if you want to be taken seriously then learn to spell and write correctly.

Go to work and serve the customers quickly & politely. I live closer to a Shop-Rite than the one om 34 but I go there for the service.


Agreed. The ShopRite where my son works has no soul.

In addition to what you have stated with regards to all their ridiculous rules, they are now requiring cashiers to work 6 days a week. What kind of life is that? Their management doesn't seem to have a clue how to manage employees. They don't seem to mind that they have a high employee turnover.

They don't seem to consider that having to train new employees costs money. They don't seem to think at all.

Wouldn't it be nice if all ShopRite Employees called out on the same day at the same time? Maybe that would get them thinking!!!


Shoprite has no soul and treats their workers like morons and ignorant ***, especially management. I work in the Deli at the Shoprite of Wall RT.

34 NJ. Our Entire Department was now instructed not to talk to one another at all or even joke around. How am I, one with ADHD not suppose to do this. I thought im suppose to get up and enjoy where i work, it's a frigin food store for Saker sake.

Another individual who I'm not to fond of, This man talks down to people and treated a lady friend of mine with utmost disrespect, i have no honor this man at all or his company. Not only that but when i was in school the company would abuse my hours to the point i failed my coursees, and now im not in school they cut my hours to minimal, the time when i need money most. This store does not care for who i am, and i have countless Customer service awards over these past years the people love me. Now wonder why Wegmans wins Customer and associate awards every year, that's because their food company knows how to treats it workers and society.

Shoprite is one step shy of becoming Walmart an evil corperation that feeds off of towns and major cities. Not to mention the total lack a respect that i get from my Manager Pete *** who like shoprite has no soul and is a liar, *** artist, and words i will not use. I have watched literally over 2000 employee come and go, and i keep asking my self why i dont do the same. Tomorrow i will finally give my union rep a call and let him know just how much i hate the company.

I try to wake up everyday and put a smile on my face to help out people in the store, but now im finding it more and more difficult as the hours go by.

I hope someone reads this, like the article i just read their moral and work ethic make me so sick I dont know how anyone of us can make it to the parking lot with out capping ourselves first. Anyone looking to work for this company do soo, they are going to need help after I and many others leave within the next 2 wweks, and somebody has to do the job right?!

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