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You will not believe what happened to me today. I hope you're ready for this craziness.

I can't believe it either. Can you? People like me don't deserve to be treated this way.

I went to ShopRite on Rt 34 in Manasquan at 10:45 AM today. Today is a Wednesday for when I wrote this review and if you read it on another day that is not Wednesday.

I started work today way earlier than usual.

Today, Wednesday, I started at 7am. So I ate breakfast this morning at my house around 5:30. The waffles I had only kept me full for so long. I left my job at the DMV to get early lunch today, Wednesday.

At 10:45 I go into Shoprite to get a slice of pizza. I go there because it's cheap pizza but good pizza so I like it. But when I go to get my slice of pizza they do not have pizza ready yet! Store is open.

Lights are on. People are inside. Food is for sale. Customers are checking out.

Salad Bar is open. Olive bar was open. Rotisserie chicken was available. BUT NO PIZZA!

I wanted to buy pizza because I can get 1 slice for 2 dollars. I'm sorry I can't afford to pay 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 14 dollars for lunch every day. I can afford to pay 2 dollars for a slice of pizza that is hot and ready to go. I don't have time to cook my own lunch and get back to the DMV in time.

I asked where pizza was and they said not ready yet today, Wednesday. The only hot food at the pizza station was a big soft pretzel. I can't eat a pretzel for lunch on Wednesday. Are you kidding me?

A pretzel is all cards and I'm not talking about the type you play poker with. I need a balanced meat of Protein, Cards, and Cheese like pizza.

You sell eggs but not pizza. Thanks ShopWRONG!!!

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Wow you are a cry baby really that was your petty problem? People are starving everyday and you complain about pizza? But something else that's fast and cheap you are a self entitled ***.

Toms River, New Jersey, United States #1241855

Ma'am/Sir, whatever you are, I do understand you are not a professional card player and do work at the DMV which makes me more understanding of your verbal behavior as I read on though this passage.

It seems to me that you just might be playing your cards wrong. I may be talking about poker cards orrr I may be talking about your balance meat of protein cards.

What I can assure you is you can't be wrecking your entire day because you couldn't have your warm, cheesy, delicous cheap pizza, try dropping 2-3 of those cards down! Grab your new fresh cards out the oven, bet max and throw that royal flush down!!

You celebrate dont spend that 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 or 14 dollars! You splurge and thow that 13 dollars down at a real pizzeria and get yourself a full size hot, cheesy, delicious pizza!

*** add some *** pepperoni on that ***!

You save your sadden day! Play your *** cards right!

to Anonymous Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #1242070

I am not a poker player. Card playing is gammling and illeagle and a syn to maney peopl like me.

I'm tawking about the Cards that make you fatt! Pizza is low-card compared to pretzel or stake. I cant afford to bi stake for lunch . Where am i going to get 13 dollers from?

U may make a lot of money but i dont at dmv. Today i'm having mcdouble which is cheep and low card and ready when I want it!!!!!!


Di you even try 7-11!!!! They are 2 slices for $2!

try doing better than that Shoprite!!!!!!

LOL, and they have pizza 24/7! always hot too they keep it under a heat lamp, not in a freezer like some places

to Bort Brick Township, New Jersey, United States #1241654

2 4 2? how is that possible for hot pizza?

Is that just on Wednesday 24/7 days? I've been to 711 but just to get slups.

how hot is hot lamp? are they open at 10:30 am?

to Bogdanow #1368035

What the *** does card mean...do you mean carbs. Pizza and McDonald's are not healthy. Eat yogurt!

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