I drove 8 hours to get home for my holiday dinner. I needed two items so i went to shoprite where I usually shop. I arrived at 4:40 and the doors were locked. I asked if I could get two items and I was refused.I believe that if a store says they are open until 5:00 then you should be allowed in the store until 5:00! Am I wrong to feel this way? I do not think so.Then I had no choice but to go to Walmart on Easter Sunday. I am quite upset with Shoprite and I don't even want to cook my holiday dinner.

Happy Easter NOT

Celia Thomas


Celia Thomas

34 Lyons Rd.

Cold Springs, N.Y.


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ShopRite stores are usually closed on Easter Sunday so that the associates can spend time with their families. If someone was in the store, it was probably security so no, they would not let you purchase 2 items. Just an FYI, they are closed, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Easter Sunday and New Years Day - so plan accordingly.


obviously your story is bull *** and you have a few screws loose. Spent too much time being a holiday lush i see!! :upset

Allen, Texas, United States #631029

Oh my, being upset at others when you weren't prepared. Not nice.

Today is Easter, it isn't about food.

Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom #630983

They were probably slow and decided to close early so their employees could go home and spend time with their own family for the holiday. You seem very selfish. Easter comes around every year, and you had 364 days to shop for it.

to IdgieThreadgoode Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom #630985

Then to compound it you went to Walmart where those employees had to work and be away from their families.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #630968

Why in heaven's name would you drive eight hours to get home to cook your holiday dinner? Something is wrong with this story.

Most people drive eight hours to be guest for dinner at a family member's home, not to cook dinner. Where had you been, anyway, on vacation? If that is the case, I would have stopped at some restaurant and a meal. Why did you post as Anonymous and then do something really dumb like posting your name and complete address?

It is a good possibility that Shoprite closed a little early because they hadn't had enough business to pay staying open. If they had the registers counted, it wouldn't have made sense to let you get a couple things. There isn't anything wrong with shopping at WalMart. Yes, you are wrong to feel that way, in my opinion.

However, being I don't like to rush when I'm shopping, even if it is only for two items, I would have planned to get there an hour earlier, even if it meant starting out an nine hours earlier.

So, if you ar too upset to cook your Easter dinner, have a peanut butter sandwich. It isn't anything to get upset about, it's time for you to grow up.

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