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Attempted to return 2lbs of catfish nuggets that was purchased spoiled. I didn't want the money back, wanted fresh catfish nuggets.

I didn't have my card nor receipt and they wouldn't make good on product. Product was returned in their plastic ShopRite bag, the label from their seafood department was on plastic bag, teller scanned label and system recognized label, but because I didn't have the receipt, they wouldn't honor what was before them. The two females begin to share they didn't want to get fired, there wasn't anything they could do and the manager would tell me the same thing. Well, they were right, he did!

2 lbs of catfish, shaking my head, gave my money away! This is the first time I've ever taken food back. Normally I throw it away and don't return to the store. ShopRite has taught me a lesson and this is what I've learned; their employees based on tonight's experience are not to take any customers word even if the evidence presents truth!

Under no circumstances are they to make the customer happy even if the store is at fault!

And lastly, ShopRite isn't concerned about losing customers! I will not return to the ShopRite in Hamden, CT again!!!

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