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The Ave i/McDonald Avenue Shoprite of Brooklyn NY deli workers are nasty, rude and talk about you when your standing there. I guess they are not smart to think you know it's you their talking about.

They concentrate more on social issues than taking care of the customers. Then they charge you more because their busy yapping and don't know how much they are slicing. Also want you to tell them what you want at one time. And when you don't know all you want to buy then they catch an attitude.

They should practice paying attention and not talking so much with one another. They know that being in the union it's hard to get them out but they should be thankful they have a job. There are a couple of nice ones left.

But the rest of them can take a hike.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #620432

I have been working at a Shoprite in PA for over four years in the deli department. Now as for the clerks being "Social" thats really just part of human nature...

and honestly if we weren't able to speak to eachother our day at work would be extremely dull. Also sometimes its nice to invite your customer into your conversation.. but that doesnt always work because the customer is not a socially adapt person and doesnt take your effort to being kind and inviting the right way. Deli workers multi task...

and even if the clerk isnt speaking to anyone they still over slice... The reason for this is because we are HUMAN... being imperfect would be a little something that I had mentioned before... " human nature".

Now if you asked for A pound of Ham and when your handed that Ham and it weighs 1.20 lb... then I could understand you being upset... because the clerk should either take the extra off,or kindly ask you if its ok for it to be a bit over. But if the clerk hands you 1.03 lb...

and your upset over a few cents thats hog wash.. I have regular customers that I pray I dont get in the case that im already having a bad day at work.... because they get upset that the salad I dished out was not exactly one pound, but weighed up as 1.03 lb, and this particular customer will make me take out 2 tiny noodles to make a lb on the dot. Or if their swiss is a bit over...

then I would have to tear that last slice in half to make if exactly a pound! Now I understand that maybe your not sure of to everything you would like to order... thats human nature... I myself am extremely indecisive.

And the clerk should never give you an attitude because you havent decided on your whole order... But you shouldn't get upset if the clerk asks you jf you need anything else or tellls you they can remember your whole order. If the clerk has the whole order it will save both of you time... and will keep the clerk from walking back and forth (which is what we do all day any how)..

if your not ready to give ur whole ordrr the clerk should say in a kind manner " Ok tKe your time... I will slice your cheese and while im doing that it will give you more time to figure out what you want. And if ur still not sure fhe clerk should say something like " no problem.. take your time and theirs no rush because im here for another 5 hours anyhow!!!).

Any who my whole point is that you may be taking what the slicer says the wrong way and that they probably don't know they are upsetting you..But if you seem to have a problem every time you come to the deli and with every slicer then maybe its not the associates that are the problem?? I swear that some of my customers are just miserable people that get pleasure out of making people upset and c complaining about everything... Pessimistics. I also am very good with people and I usually am given the difficult and unpleasant patrons because I am very patient and kind.

But so what if its a few cents over... and so what if the associates are talking about what colour they should paint their nails later that night when they get a pedicure... as long as they arent ignoring you or speaking of something vulgar.... ohhh or talking about you..

the BIG DEAL.. Well im finished for now... I hope you may have a different perspective... and btw if they are talking to you...

talk to the other customers about them and that will make the clerk feel extremely uncomfortable... Even though your supposed to turn the other cheek its nice to give em a dose of their own meds

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