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The lady nasty rude and told the guys in the deli not to serve anyone she was closing deli 3 other customers left to go to a real deli so never again will i shop at that deli in Shoprite ever again!!!! White lady glasses short grayish hair *** shoprite they dont give a *** about you than i called to complain to the store manager he didnt care and this isnt the first time ive dealt with this nasty lady i went there today

2/8/2013 @ 1pm unhappy man hating *** who thinks shes a man well she looks like a man and acts like one shoprite needs to get secret shoppers the deli gotta bunch of hoodlums who talk there ghetto slang sick of it

Review about: Shoprite Manager.

Monetary Loss: $37.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #620428

I have been working in one of Pennsylvania's Shoprite's Deli for over 4years now... Now I can't speak for your particular S.R.

But I can and will speak for mine. First of all... My Deli is a "REAL" Deli... infact one of the busiest and most profitable in the area.

We DO have secret shoppers that visit very often, and 99% of the time we get satisfactory reviews. Also when any buisness post's a certain time that they close.... they are CLOSED. My deli takes down the last slicer at 10:30 P.M every night of the week.

WHY anyone needs lunchmeat any later completely escapes me. If some one works over night... then they can mosf definitely come get their cold cuts in the A.M. other then a persons work schedule their would be no excuse for needing lunch meat at 10:30 P.m....

Now if this particular lady is closing earlier then their sceduled time to close... I would go ahead and call 1800-Shoprite... also in the case that the store manager is not helping to resolve the issue. Calling the 1800 # will most definitely ensure that your issue will be taken care of.

Their are many different Shoprite's of to which are owned and operated by different owners. This means different rules, different operations (closing and opening times). Im also not 100% sure if every Shoprite is involved with the Secret Shopper program. Basically the point of which im trying to make is that not every Shoprite or their Deli is a Poor Buisness.

And I also wanted to inform you of fhe 1800 # to help you solve your issue so that you might hange your outlook of Shoprite as a whole.

Sincerely, Your Favorite Slicer

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