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Toll-Free Number:

  • (800) 746-7748
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  • (908) 527-3300
    Wakefern Food Corp, Inc.


  • (908) 527-7716


  • (732) 906-5932
  • (732) 906-5216

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How to Contact ShopRite Customer Service?

Most Popular Number:

(800) 746-7748
Total calls: 1 420 Issues resolved: 43 Last call: Apr 16, 2024

What is the ShopRite Сustomer Service Phone Number?

Dial (800) 746-7748 is the primary hotline for ShopRite customer service supermarkets if you're a customer in the United States seeking assistance. This toll-free number is your gateway to support, available Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and on weekends from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. By making this call, clients can directly engage with an agent to seek assistance with products, orders, memberships, or accounts. The toll-free hotline facilitates straightforward access to live support from ShopRite, aiming to promptly address customer queries and resolve concerns.

How do I Contact the ShopRite Support via the Website?

To reach out to ShopRite customer service support on the web, clients are urged to navigate to Towards the upper section of the homepage, a "Customer Service" link graces the main menu. Activating this link unfurls a dropdown, providing access to the "Contact Us" option. The selection of this option triggers the appearance of an online form, enabling customers to furnish details like their name, email, phone number, and a description of the issue necessitating assistance—ShopRite endeavors to attend to all web form submissions within two business days.

What is the ShopRite Corporate Office Address?

Situated within the confines of PO Box 7812 in Edison, NJ 08818, the designated mailing abode for the ShopRite headquarters supermarkets emerges as an ordained point of contact for dispatching pivotal missives or paperwork towards ShopRite's uppermost echelons and central nerve center. The vigilance maintained over this corporate domicile proves instrumental in expediting the precise conveyance of sundry communications, be they grievances or queries, adeptly steering them to the designated departments for streamlined resolution.

What are the ShopRite Hours of Operation?

As mentioned above, standard ShopRite customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. During these hours, customers can call the toll-free number or email customer service to have questions answered by a live agent. These posted hours ensure that support staff are available to provide direct assistance for ShopRite during regular business hours.

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Contact Information

ShopRite Website:

ShopRite Help Center:

Corporate Office Address:

Wakefern Food Corp, Inc
PO Box 7812
Edison, New Jersey 08818
United States

Other Info (opening hours):


Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Saturday - Sunday: 9:00am - 5:00pm

Other Location:


Wakefern Food Corp, Inc.

5000 Riverside Dr.

Keasbey, NJ 08832

United States

More contact details


+1 908-527-3766

ShopRite Customer Service Reviews

1.8 / 5
Juan M Qqc
Reply to question
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Definitely not but I'm not surprised. I'm just happy my daughter is out of that place and there stupid policy of blaming everyone for one person fault.

Not to mention it was not even my daughter that made the mistake. This is not the military where you blame the whole thing when one soldier messed up.

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Dominique L Fsr
Poor customer service/discrimination

On Sunday December 17,2023 around 1:30pm I experienced a horrific interaction with the staff at Shoprite in Woodbridge,NJ. I waited patiently in the self checkout line to purchase my items.

When I finally arrived at the front on the line, the store associate proceeded to ask me how many items I had. I responded back to him that I was unsure and walked over to an open register. When I began to scan my first item, the register immediately stopped working and requested further assistance from a store associate. One of the other associates working self check out, a young lady, came over and tried to override Im assuming what the first young man had entered into the machine.

After several failed attempts she said that she couldnt do anything because he did something in the main system which caused the pause on my register. After he finished assisting another customer I asked him politely if he could fix the register so I could proceed with my purchase. He walked over to me and said no because I had more than twenty items in my cart. I then asked if I could speak to a manager.

There was an older woman at the register next to me who said she experienced the same issue just a couple of days ago where the attendants were rude to her and telling her that she could not use the self checkout lanes.
After several minutes or so, David, who I assumed to be the manager at the time, walked over and asked me what the problem was. I began to explain to him what was going on, while I was discussing the events of the incident he cut me off mid sentence and said it appeared that I had more than twenty items in my cart and I could not use self checkout. I asked David if he was the manager because I did not see the title listed on his name tag, in which he replied no. I then apologized to David by telling him Im sorry to bother you with this issue but I did ask to see the manager.

I asked David if he would be so kind as to get me a manager, someone who I felt might handle the situation. Unfortunately to my surprise the manager did not rectify the situation but only made it worse. When Steve finally arrived at the register I explained to him from start to finish the series of events of the entire situation. I always directed his attention to my cart in which he saw that I only utilized the top portion of the cart, where a small child would sit to put my groceries.

Therefore putting emphasis on the fact that I did not have too many items to use self checkout. In the larger portion of the cart I did have three gallons of Poland spring water and a stack of my reusable bags. I explained to Steve that it might appear that I had a large quantity of items due to the stack of reusable bags which occupied the larger portion of the cart plus the three gallons of water, which were on sale for 3 for $6.00. Steve began to explain what the store policy was about using self checkout.

He then went into saying You people always come in here and curse out the attendants for doing their job and give them a hard time. Totally taken aback by his comment I asked him who he was referring to as you people and reminded him I am not you people '' but I am an individual and I have no connections to any prior incidents that might have occurred. Steve tried to clear up his comment by saying not necessarily you but I just want you to know what we go through on a daily basis. Once again, I reminded him that all incidents should be treated separately and not jointly together.

It was at the moment I felt that I was being placed in a particular group of people and stereotyped due to Steves comment. I immediately thought back to the older woman who said she experienced the same issue a couple of days prior, who was also African American like myself.
I asked Steve if he can take the hold off the register so I can scan my groceries and leave. However, he told me that I would only be able to scan twenty items and would have to go to the back of the line and wait in line again to purchase the rest of my items. I then proceeded to count out my items and had to stack them up on top of the register.

There were a total of twenty three items, including the 3 gallons of water which occupied the bottom of the cart. Steve began the cart into me and was asking one of the attendants to push the cart to the back of the line. I asked Steve to stop pushing the cart because at this point he was pushing the cart into my stomach and I am currently 5 months pregnant. I advised Steve that hitting me with the cart can be considered assault and I would call the police.

He chuckled as if this was an amusing situation. I asked Steve if he can first let me retrieve my reusable bags out of the cart as well as my purse before he starts to move the cart anywhere. At this point I was upset about the poor customer service and just wanted to exit the store. I did not get back in line to purchase the three gallons of water but took them out the cart and placed them on the floor near the register because I shouldnt have to carry my bags to the car when all the other customers have the option to use the cart to push their groceries to the car.
This was my first time visiting this shoprite location due to me just moving into the area.

I was embarrassed, ridiculed, stereotyped, and discriminated against all while trying to purchase some groceries.

The individuals involved definitely need to be retrained on customer service and the importance of customer satisfaction. They should also be strongly encouraged to hide their personal beliefs and judgements regarding others when working in an environment where they will be dealing with different types of people.

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Vee E
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

On 7-7-23 I drive over an hr to get to ShopRite Governor Plaza De. Bottomline an item rung up incorrectly.

I went to CS the girl was rude & ignorant, I asked her to come & see the signs that I saw for the items, she refused. I asked to speak with the manager she never called him, he came to speak with another exployee after which he spoke to me. I explained the situation he told her to give it to me for that price. He walks away, this fool proceeded to argue with me about it & eventually called me a bit##, I argued back & I asked her what about customer service?

To which she replied I don't get any! Then some coworker comes over to defend her, not knowing what's going on. I told her to mind her business, I asked her what is she doing? She said she can get LP, I replied "get em".

I eventually ask another employee to call the Manager for me. Frank comes over & is of no help, saying he'll speak to Bridget about it. She should've been reprimanded right then & there, not only that but I have recordings of her calling me a bit## several times & her nasty attitude period. I also have pictures of the displays with prices clearly outlined!

I feel that this ShopRite completely failed me! I NEVER got my free item for the price ringing up wrong, nor did I get my raincheck for the perdue jumbo wings (2), 4C peach ice tea mix.That place is horrible! Poor Customer Service, Weak Management, Incompetent employees.

Huge waste of my time & effort! One would've thought that the girl baked & sold this item herself or that they were giving it out for free, none of which is the case!

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Poor customer service
stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating stars-rating

At the shop rite of Albany the cashier (Starasia) was surly, unpleasant, and unfriendly. She made an error and did not apologize for the error.

Another cashier was passing by and she asked him how to fix her error. Not once did she look at me. She asked if I wanted a bag I told her no and she piled my groceries on the round and turned to ring up the next customer. She didnt offer to help put my groceries in the cart.

I spoke to Adam who said he was the store manager, and he said hed speak to her tonight. Poor customer service will force customers to go to another store, as who wants bad attitude at the end of their workday?!

Train or re-train staff on the basics of customer service. This encounter is/was unacceptable.

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How Good is ShopRite's Customer Service?

Kristina Pbw
Kristina Pbw
Feels Satisfied | Apr 03, 2024

, Everything worked out okay. Every. Thing.

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Shterna Qmq
Shterna Qmq
Feels Disappointed | Feb 07, 2024

Your Danville location I worked for the company, ran into racial profiling misrepresentation of a company. You have five days to handle any grievances that are sent to HR that was not the situation in my case when I requested all documents to be given to me, I was told that they are not giving me no documents, and I was terminated not even 30 days after a racial complaint was sent to HR, therefore being wrongfully terminated

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Teddie Vni
Teddie Vni
Feels Disappointed | Aug 02, 2023

No one came on the phone. You can only press one and it’s not for some thing I need it no help never got my ShopRite card. App fixed is still messed up and nobody still help me after two attempts.

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Vanessa S Deq
Vanessa S Deq
Feels Disappointed | Jul 16, 2023

No at all

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Julia S Aed
Julia S Aed
Feels Disappointed | Jun 19, 2023


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Matai Frl
Matai Frl
Feels Disappointed | May 22, 2023

All of ShopRite is terrible- in store- online- no one is nice to you anymore. ShopRite in Manchester NJ , Meg, online shopping, she is the nastiest person ever!!!!!

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Summary of ShopRite Customer Service Calls

03:11 AVG CALL

Top Reasons of Customers Calls

Consumers Call the Most From

Why Do People Call ShopRite?

Account Question:

  • “I can not log into my account”
  • “Balance of my gift card”
  • “Price plus account problem”

Request for Information Question:

  • “To find out what time customer service desk opens”
  • “Was let go, about a month ago. And have yet to receive my paycheck .”
  • “To check my card balance”

Product/ Service Question:

  • “Bad product”
  • “Wrong prices constantly, expired food”
  • “Unhappy with product exchange”

Payments and Charges Question:

  • “Can't get no digital coupons”
  • “Mailed coupons”
  • “Problem with Digital coupons”

Cards Question:

  • “Price plus card.”
  • “New card info forbpayinl”
  • “Getting a card”

Staff Question:

  • “Harshment by manager& armed security guards”
  • “Poor customer service”
  • “Complaint on rude employee”

Employment Question:

  • “W2”
  • “In reference to my W2 form”
  • “401k pension”

Shipping and Delivery Question:

  • “I ordered groceries and did not receive them.”
  • “I am missing items for my order”
  • “Why is my delivery charge 28.96 it suppose to be 14.95”

Website/ Application Question:

  • “App not working”
  • “I full in an application want to find out.”
  • “I'd submitted an application and wanted to follow up.”

Return/ Replace Question:

  • “Change account”
  • “Change account email address”
  • “Need to change my email”

Activation/ Cancellation Question:

  • “Cancel order”
  • “Activate my account”
  • “To cancel order”

Refund Question:

  • “Refund”
  • “Refund now”
  • “I had bought a cake and lost my receipt for my cake and I told the what time I paid for the cake and asked them to look on video at the time I paid and they told me no receipt I can't get my money back or the cake I am a loyal customer”

Other Question:

  • “Have to give my new address Shopping store is over there”
  • “Pricing”
  • “Issue with purchase”


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Shoprite is an American food distributor. Shoprite is a chain of supermarkets that was founded in 1946. The company is headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The tagline of the company is: "This is your neighborhood...This is your ShopRite." The supermarkets of Shoprite are located in the Northeastern U.S. states. During the past decade, many of Shoprite supermarkets have been renovated and became larger. The company is well known for its Can Can Sale that has been held in January starting from 1971 and its new Summer Can Can Sale that has been launched in 2002. At the present time, Shoprite is the leading retail-owned cooperative in the United States.

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