Lawrenceville, New Jersey
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These products should have been taken off the shelf a long time ago.Always check the expiration date before buying and feeding to your family.

The items were in plain sight and were not hard to find. You would think that the store employees would look inside the cases occasionally. Apparently they do not. The chocolate milk should have been gone three weeks ago.

It was the first item on the rack. Couldn't miss the date on it, unless you were not looking.

The problem with the milk products is that they are loaded from the back refrigerated storage area.

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Nowhere does it say the items were purchased - as a matter of fact the photos are taken of the items sitting in the seat of the cart.

In fact, if the poster were smart, they'd take them to the service desk - at least here they've given out $1 off your purchase coupons when you bring up an outdated item.

Woodbridge, Virginia, United States #633737

"It was the first item on the rack. Couldn't miss the date on it, unless you were not looking"

If you couldn't miss the date, then why did you purchase them? Here's an idea, take the items back with your receipt! If they give you a hard time about the return, then you can post on here!

to Anonymous Orange, California, United States #1031954

I have a feeling that she bought the milk last month, and tried to get a refund for it after it expired. It did not work so she lied and said she brought it later on.

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