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Every time I go to shop rite to buy an already cooked chicken..all they have are full chickens and all BBQ.. I do not eat full chickens..and I'm not a fan of BBQ..What happened to JUST the chicken breast rotisserie they are hardly available..

and if we MUST try the full chicken..what happened to the Italian style rotisserie and the Lemon Chicken.. stop forcing down our throats these BBQ full chickens...The vegetables in the produce department looked like they were dragged behind the 18 wheeler and not inside..a lot of them are rotten.. the grapes look like something from jurrassic park and the mutant cucumbers are a hot mess.. Have some pride when displaying these things it's bad enough a ton of hands have to touch this stuff..

every time I go to stop n shop their produce department is impeccable...Ask them how they manage to keep it looking show room fresh..Oh and their open ready to go food section where you can get salads.. fruits.. some breaded chicken pieces... is NOT covered..

the last time I was there which is a health code violation ..flies were all over THAT food ..DO you know the function of a fly...?? Let me enlighten you.. 1) they either *** dozens of eggs on the food or 2) they up chuck and regurgitate what they ate.. how come this bih table is NOT covered up...


Someone needs to get to this Shoprite in S.I. on Forest Ave..ASAP and check this stuff out..before people get sick..Today was the only day they offered a regular chicken breast...what's up with this store

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Shoprite Pros: When the shelves are stocked and its easy to get around.

Shoprite Cons: Shelves empty loading carts block aisles.

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