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Thanksgiving eve I placed an order for a rotisserie turkey breast to be picked up thanksgiving day. After working my shift I went to pick up my turkey and was told there wasn't any. They claimed they never saw my order. I was totally distraught, I live alone and that was my dinner for the day. The next day I went back to the store and talked to the woman who took my order,, she showed it to me. They never looked for it. Came to find out there... Read more

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I have no clue what went wrong and Shop Rite was no help, but the Norwich CT home delivery estimate I had after I placed my order was $31.93 LOWER than the price they charged me. Called the store and they were unwilling to explain the difference. Told them I was looking at the emailed estimate to me, that the store actually removed several items but they just kept saying "we can only do what the computer says". Well it is wrong in so many ways!... Read more

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  • Nov 21
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This website sucks! Do not contact me, u just lost a customer

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It is with great disappoint to enter into your store because your staff member are rude. My sister and I have just been shop rite Britannia on west street. The cashier was utterly very to her. They were arguing . The cashier than assaulted my sister. Of which I don't understand why your staff member would do that. The security guard held my sister by the neck and called her a thief. There's a lady who claimed to be the store manager (I... Read more

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Mr. Sean Doyle, the store manager indicates that his Central Ave store is so terribly managed that all his customers should go to Price Chopper (Market 32) or Hannaford. He indicates that he doesn't care what his customers concerns are or what they think about ShopRite. People, particularly in Albany zip codes 12203, 12208 and 12209 can save themselves much time and aggravation by just not going to his store and doing their everyday and... Read more

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You will not believe what happened to me today. I hope you're ready for this craziness. I can't believe it either. Can you? People like me don't deserve to be treated this way. I went to ShopRite on Rt 34 in Manasquan at 10:45 AM today. Today is a Wednesday for when I wrote this review and if you read it on another day that is not Wednesday. I started work today way earlier than usual. Today, Wednesday, I started at 7am. So I ate breakfast this... Read more

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  • Nov 14
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Digital coupons site not working

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  • Nov 14
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Hi this is Glenn I am sorry please disregard the message I sent you guys it's the wrong company I am not looking for ShopRite I am looking for Giant lol

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Hi my name is Glenn iContact ShopRite and I spoke to a manager and they are looking for people who can push cart or being a bagger I like to be a cart push carts but I'm having a problem doing the application online there's a phone number that I called and they gave me their allocation to their places but not ShopRite they keep sending me the same stuff and I keep telling them to please send me the application to the ShopRite store but they're... Read more

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The shoprite in palisade park in nj doesn't care about safety of kids. None of the shopping carts has strap for double seats shopping carts. I have talked to the manager but he ignores to respond. I took my kids for food shopping at shoprite and the situation is still the same. This is a safety concern and it smees like no one care at shoprite management or administration. This is very uncomfortable for me as a mother with two kids, and I am... Read more

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