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I used Shoprite from Home for several years and I never had any problems. The in-store personnel were very polite and helpful, and the delivery persons were also. Once in a while, they would be out of a certain item (to be expected) and would give me an alternative item at the price of the one that was out. They would call before delivery and let me know if there were any problems, or that it was on it's way. I never had a delivery after the... Read more

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The black store Detective has a severe problem harassing the customers. He follows ladies around, and leers through the racks at them. He has put his hands on me. He has also look through my bags as I was carrying them. He follows me all through the store every time I go in there. I took a class at the Morris County Police Academy, for the gang unit. I am also a licensed operator for the state of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs... Read more

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Very disappointed with shoprite...went yesterday to supermarket and i found this in q of your product...a hair in the cheese i bought....went to same supermarket like a month ago and the milk i bought was bad also Read more

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Long story short I've shop Brown Shoprite for years.I get that there is a transition going on to reach one teach one for jobs but when I buy my hotdog rolls and they broke up, my OLD TYME SCHMIDT WHEAT BREAD WHICH HAD A FEW DAYS ON IT BUT WAS STALE, MY CRACKERS INDIVIDUAL WRAPPED WEREN'T FRESH, HIGH AS THE BLACK BEAR TURKEY IS DID THEY MISS ME SAY CUT IT THIN? MY HONEY GRAMANS TEDDY SNACK SACK WAS CUT DONE THE BACK I GUESS CUSTOMER SERVICE... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 07
  • #896126

I wl never go and buy at shoprite in Parys again....wnted too buy R 700 meat..stode there for half / service...nd when i ast for service i got a cold realy sucks big time...please get sum 1 that can do there job

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 05
  • #895486

Had the worst experience today at shop rite I was couponing and the manager had to come to the register and she got all mad and started rude and I told her I was going to record her and she said I hate ppl like you just get out for no apparently reason just cause I'm Hispanic I made a complaint I hope they really go and see the cameras that's discrimination

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cold cuts...simple ham, cheese, boloney etc ask for cut thin you are shown first slice get home and alll thick and cheese cut thin and piled on top of one another one big stuck piece of cheese..stopped finally buying cold cuts at shoprite deer one specific isle for products some brand forinstance pasta in one isle other brands in variety in daily no low fat sshoprite brand cream cheese...they should focus on how to run... Read more

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I've used ShopRite from home in NJ on and off for a year. While the delivery people are courteous, the overall process requires an overhaul. First, the website process to place an order is convoluted. First you have to choose which branch services you, then order from there. Once in the right spot, however, there are some things that remain unclear, like did the site save the correct address and often account changes don't save. The sit has been... Read more

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My name is sarah from levittown pa and i ordered my sons 4th birthday cake from shoprite and i was never so disapointed in my life. I ordered a full sheet cake and all they put was a little plastic picture in the center. I had to go to party city to add extra power ranger toppers to it. It looked so plane. I spent 70.00 for this cake so it wasnt cheep. Never again will i order from there! I contacted the manager rick and he didnt seem to care at... Read more

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they have good products but they treat there cashiers and baggers like dirt with no respect and barely min wage they yell at you out loud in front of customers.. review you at the register.. and almost never let you out on time.. they never let you go to the restroom even if you have a medical condition.. horrible place to work... the manager said no employees should be unhappy here because its a beautiful store.. the problem is the way they... Read more

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